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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 93

One of my aims with this project was to force myself to use all the scary bits in my art software. I'd tried the dreaded 3d revolve thing before with odd and unexpected results so I thought I'd have another go. My thoughts had turned to chocolate (as they do - fairly regularly!) and I thought I'd make a chocolate easter coffee pot. About as useful as a chocolate teapot!!


  1. This is amazing - it looks as though you could just pick it up. Yum. Has it got those little chocolate covered coffee beans inside? - Oh yes and yesterdays was awesome as well.

  2. Your imagination is working overtime. How do you think up something completely new each day, and produce it as a finished illustration?
    I wish these were in the shops... coffee and chocolate go so well together ...mmmmmmm.

  3. Is it coffee-flavoured chocolate? mmmm...that would be good!
    ooh, only 7 pots to go - are you getting excited?!
    About to vote in your 'what goes best with coffee'. Will have to go with 'a little biscuit'.
    However, I must add that my actual favourite thing to go with coffee is shortbread - the proper sort - you know, the thick, buttery, sugary, preferably shaped like a fan or thistle-type! And not 'little' - it would be a big slab.
    I am in awe that you have done 93 of these!!!!