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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 72's 'plagiarism week' - hmmmm.... had to play catch-up today with having been away and that was a hard one. There seem to be a few 'hundred-dayers' doing poetry and one I look at every now and again is TaunaLen's
I have absolutely NO ability when it comes to creative writing and poetry especially to me is a mystical art practised by very clever people and wizards. I didn't even really know what a haiku was, I had to wiki it. So at the same time I learnt about 'haiga' - the illustrations that sometimes go with them which is more up my street.

Anyway, in the spirit of 'homage week' I have tried a haiku. Please don't laugh.

dark morning kitchen
Mr. coffee pot waits for me
to boil the kettle

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