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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 83

I know it's not plagiarism week anymore but when it was I was so impressed with NickD's video charcoal drawings I thought I'd copy! I didn't manage to get it finished then, but it fits in nicely now with the theme this weekend. Drawn using Corel Painter (so I don't get mucky fingertips!) - not a patch on Nick's beautiful drawings.
(With big thanks to hubby for his technical know-how!!)


  1. That was fun to watch. (Clever hubby for capturing it.)
    Could you post the final image above the video so that we can see the result a little larger?

  2. Yes ...that would have been a good idea! Unfortunately I didn't save it being so focused on saving the recording!! I do enjoy watching these kind of drawings on YouTube - although it did make me a bit self-concious, knowing it was being taped! Good fun though!

  3. That was fantastic, but i kept on anticipating Morph to appear, can you do virtual plasticine?